About Cyrus

I’m Cyrus Thomson. I’m the editor of this site.
I graduated from the University of Arizona in a television producing program. Instead of going straight to Hollywood I ended up travelling around the world, broke my leg in Thailand, helped incite a small mob in North Korea, studied business on the French Riviera, made a documentary, and a lot of other fun stuff. After returning to the United States I’ve decided to get into the field of dating coaching.

I’ve been interested in self-development related topics almost my entire life. I dabbled in the PUA movement around 2008, and after learning from various coaches and gurus in that industry, I walked away with a desire to continue to expand my knowledge and hopefully improve on some of the things I just wasn’t that impressed by.

The one thing I care about in my life more than almost anything else is trying to get people motivated and to help them wake up out of the living daze that infects so many. Unhappy, depressed people who are just going through the motions need better resources to help them realize their full potential in life. In particular men suffer from a lot of insecurities in this day and age, and I want to help create higher-value, higher-status guys to populate this blue sphere.

I’m an Amazon best-selling author (“Love and Dating for Shy People”) and I run this site for men. You can usually find me traveling the world. Whether Thailand, North Korea (yes, there), the Baltic states or central Europe (where I’m at now), I prefer the nomadic existence. I continually seek to improve myself, and so should you. I am a refugee from Arizona and Hollywood, California. Once upon a time I went to film-school, and will return to that field someday.

Write to me at: ck (@) developedman.com.

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