Sexual Virtues: How to be Mysterious

how to be mysterious
I’ve spent considerable time in my life studying the characteristics of the 10% of men who have the greatest amount of sexual choice. The topic fascinates me because it’s like a segment of the population possess superpowers, elusive to the rest of us. These people rarely understand themselves, as they are born with inherent traits, unique to their personalities, and too evanescent to contain in a bottle and package for other people’s enjoyment.

As I discussed in my prior article, it’s not always easy to adopt a new personality characteristic. A common problem involves authenticity issues, because it’s not a good idea to behave in a way that seems incongruent. However, it IS possible to begin training yourself toward certain patterns of behavior without overdoing it. With practice, these traits will start to come through in a way that feels natural. Today, we’ll talk about one particular attractive trait you can practice: the sexual virtue of mystery.

How to be mysterious involves leaving room in a girl’s imagination. It is one part appearance and a second part personality, in particular what you choose NOT to reveal to people that you meet.

The appearance factor may include fashionable dress and an almost brooding style, reminiscent of a 1920s star like Rudolph Valentino. This may be combined with a demeanor that emphasizes body language over verbal speech, and makes good use of eye contact.

Secondly, in terms of personality, a mysterious guy only reveals partial bits of information about his life. The opposite of a mysterious guy engages verbal diarrhea and spills his life-story on a first date. This is not very attractive. You want to keep her guessing, especially if you really have done some cool things in your life. Maybe you’re a famous author (not likely, just hypothetically), you wouldn’t tell her this right away. You’d just hint at it through bits and pieces, and maybe you eventually show her your name in a known publication.

This will make her go home thinking about you non-stop, wondering just who you really are and what types of things you haven’t shared with her yet. This is very attractive.

Conversely, mysterious qualities of women can be attractive to men, as well. Mystery is often synonymous with sensuality, seduction and allure. In fact, some relationship coaches suggest that when all mysteries have been revealed in both parties, then a lot of the sexual energy fades away. For this reason, it might be a good idea to preserve the mystery as long as possible, and see if you can make it endure throughout the length of your relationship.

So, there you have it, how to be mysterious. As mentioned previously, adoption of a new personality style takes time, and I suggest taking a glance at my article on authenticity before you jump into it. Any type of sexual virtue can backfire if you seem like a “poser”, dressing or acting in a way that does not suit you.

Which is why it’s important to remember how the key is to transition slowly, encouraging the process with affirmations and other types of self-developmental work. In time, with practice, a sexual virtue like this one can be internalized, and it will greatly enhance your male sex appeal.

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