How to Survive Toxic Femininity

Toxic Femininity

Toxic femininity is the ability for a woman to send an innocent person off in handcuffs, or to the guillotine, while she herself is lauded with praise. In short, its female powers of manipulation and cunning bent toward selfish and malicious intent.

We hear feminists complain of toxic masculinity. And maybe there is such a thing among men who think Scarface is a legitimate role model and physical violence an acceptable course of action when you don’t get your way. However, actual toxic masculinity feels far less prevalent to me unless you go into the Hood or involve yourself with a biker gang.

Toxic femininity, on the other hand, hides behind sweetness and tenderness. It can strike in relationships, at work, with a customer or client, or even randomly.

Brutal Examples

Here are some common ways toxic femininity manifests:

  • The girl who feels guilty after cheating on her boyfriend. To cover her tracks, she accuses her sexual partner of rape, destroying his life. Now she’s both a heroic victim AND she can maintain her relationship with her boyfriend.
  • The employee who desires a promotion, but first requires the elimination of her boss. Since her boss didn’t adopt the Pence protocol, she makes an accusation of sexual assault, has him removed, and acquires his position.
  • The woman who feels jealous of her female friend, and begins manipulating her entire social circle to hate her for reasons that are individually insignificant, but all together destroys her standing. When the victim tries to fight back, she seems like the crazy person and a conspiracy theorist, which only reinforces the toxic female’s points.
  • The woman who divides and destroys a marriage to gain sexual access to the husband.
  • The woman who feigns offense by something minor as a way to galvanize anger against a person she dislikes for personal reasons. People will then overlook the obviously unfair causation of offense to focus attention on the poor, distressed female. The victim will be shunned despite having done nothing wrong. (Examples could include saying the wrong word that is labeled prejudiced or hate speech.)

The last example happened to me once with a (highly attractive) colleague who accused me of being a racist for asking what country she was from. However, her toxic femininity was miscalibrated and people saw through it. She was later fired after continually trying to manipulate the workspace.


This behavior evolved as a result of women being physically weaker than men. As a result, they had to learn how to adapt to cunning as their own predatory behavior. Using female privileges of provoking mating desires became the obvious go-to attack mechanism. In the modern age all women, especially any moderately attractive or younger woman, comes “out of the shop” with predatory femininity.

How to Fight Back

Women assume themselves to be more cunning than men. That’s because they know it’s their evolutionary advantage. It’s just like men assume themselves more physically capable.

Fortunately, it’s possible to outwit and become equally or more cunning. This must be done because toxic femininity must be battled fire-to-fire. In fact you can even use a woman’s assumption of mental superiority to your advantage. Consider the following methods:

Play Dumb

The more your attacker believes you a dumb, beta simp who will drop all his defenses and allow her any behavior she wants because she’s a pretty female, the more sloppy her techniques will become. If you can successfully play dumb, wait until she is obviously trying to manipulate you and then catch her in it, perhaps by recording what she’s saying on your phone or getting her to reveal her malicious intent in an e-mail.

Stay Calm

This is very important. Toxic femininity 101 is to get a man angry at her. In that anger, he will say and do things that will make him look dumb. As soon as a man loses his cool, his credibility is lowered. All she has to do is point and say, “See? That’s what I’m dealing with.” And clueless blue pill men, and women ready to back their sister, will jump to her side.

Even in the most egregious incident, such as a fake sexual allegation, it’s important for the victim to stay calm and stick to the facts. One technique is to cross examine her and get her story to break down. (“So I groped you in the hallway? Why were you in the hallway? What were you doing? What time was it?”)

Fight Fire with Fire

A woman may execute toxic femininity in minor ways to subtly manipulate a situation. For instance, to make you look badly in front of a boss, to squeeze you out of a project, to very slowly tarnish your reputation.

If this is happening, you need to meet force with force. For every point she thinks she’s knocked off your reputation, try to knock two points off hers.

One way is to:

Spread Rumors

The kryptonite of most attractive go-getter females who wield toxic femininity as their primary weapon is … reputation and rumors. Their weakness is their emotions. While men are logical, women may operate entirely on an emotional level, and attacking her emotions through spreading a falsehood can completely cripple her. And once she’s angry, she’ll lose her calculated abilities and become transparent, disarmed.

If she is playing dirty, don’t be afraid to enter the mud pit. Yes, she may be able to sabotage a workplace against you over the course of months, but what happens if you spread a rumor that she fucked Chad the new intern? Whether true or not, plant that seed.

If necessary, take it a step further. If you know Suzy and Chad are working late after everyone else went home, plant a condom wrapper somewhere obvious like by the lunch table in the break room. As the rumor spreads, Chad will look like a hero while Suzy a slut. And while men may be completely unbelievable when they say, “I didn’t grope her,” women are completely unbelievable when they say, “I didn’t fuck him!”

Be Unaffected by Sex and Attraction

This one’s obvious. Any man who allows his primal drives to overtake his caution and thoughts is asking to become a victim. DO NOT start “crushing” on any woman in your life to a point where your defenses go down, or you imagine her as some heavenly figure who can do no wrong.

Use Sex and Attraction to YOUR Advantage

Sometimes we forget that women crush on us and become obsessed, too. If a girl who likes you begins practicing toxic behaviors on friends or colleagues, you can use your position of priority in her mind to get her to stop. She’ll be devastated her own manipulative behaviors caused the guy she liked to suddenly disfavor her. Be mindful, this could send a girl spiraling into self-loathing and depression, but it’s the only way she may become self-aware.

Do Not Underestimate

Do NOT think a woman is above such behaviors. Even if she appears outwardly kind, innocent, sweet, affectionate. She has toxic feminine weapons up her sleeve, and she’s waiting to use them. Sometimes, all it takes is being slightly offended for her to decide to enact wrath and retribution.

See the Writing on the Wall

On the other hand, if a woman shows clear signs of insecurity, victim complexes, or aggression issues, be prepared for her to try some cunning techniques on you or others. This can be forecasted simply by a vibe. Does this new person in your life seem a little “off”? Is she also relatively young and attractive? Then get ready, she’s a cobra in a vase, and it’s only a matter of time before the lid comes off.

Enact the Pence Protocol

Finally, if you’re in ANY type of position of power, you should use a hidden camera in your office at all times, keep recording devices going, and if possible do not allow women to come into your office alone. Because VP Pence made these practices well-known, it’s less controversial now.

Are All Women Snakes?

All women, especially attractive ones, are capable of using toxic feminine behaviors to their advantage. Not all women, however, are without a sense of morality or virtue.

Women who are extremely self-centered place their emotions and feelings as priority above all other things, including the very lives of people around them. For instance, when a cheating girlfriend accuses the man she cheated with of rape to save her own skin. They can do this without losing a wink of sleep because their unhinged female brains equate their own feelings with all of reality, as true solipsists.

However, among the biggest victims of toxic femininity are other women. Women who are not solipsistic and selfish, and perhaps naïve to the malicious intent of other women, may find themselves under attack by vicious “mean girls” intent to destroy sexual competition or to simply alleviate their own feelings of jealousy or resentment.

Eventually a naïve girl, or rarely a toxic female, will become self-aware and compassionate while still being aware of their own cunning abilities. A woman who’s balanced and self-aware may possess the traits of the toxic female yet understand how to use them in ways that are just.

For instance, a Harvey Weinstein type who attempts to create a sexual bottleneck in a power dynamic should be fair game to be utterly destroyed through feminine cunning. Another example would be a legitimately abusive male who needs to be usurped from a relationship, a social dynamic, or a workplace position. A third example would be an out-of-control toxic female manipulating and destroying her way through life. In that latter situation, another woman with equal or greater manipulative abilities could attempt to destroy her rival for the benefit of everyone around her.

Women with more awareness and compassion are more common among older demographics (28+) while younger females are far more dangerous, and more likely to use their evolutionarily hard-wired cunning for selfish purposes.

This is another reason men should aim a bit older for romantic partners, while also carefully evaluating their moral characters.

Stay tuned to this page for Part 2: When a Relationship is Controlled by Toxic Femininity

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