Am I Creepy? Five Signs You Are

Am I creepy

There is no worse thing for a man to be called than “creepy”, because it’s a representation of just about everything we don’t want to be: anti-social, weird, a stalker, unattractive, and so forth. Unfortunately this word gets tossed around a LOT, especially by catty, immature girls—or guys who are trying to step on you.

So, before we get into the five signs of creepiness, rest assured that because it’s so loosely thrown around, the insult does not mean as much as you may think it does, and sometimes even subtle personality changes can make you less creepy. Let’s take a look at five things you can work on.

#5 – You Worry a Lot About Girls

Yeah, we all do, but do you worry WHILE you’re around them? Are your thoughts consumed by women? Are you repeating things in your head like “Oh no, does she like me? I really like her, oh geez.” This means you’re putting too much attention and value on the opposite sex, possibly because you’ve been coerced by peers into worrying too much about women. You’re better off deprogramming yourself from this behavior as soon as you can.

#4 – You Care About Social Approval, Popularity

Like many topics I write about, this is a much bigger topic than can be fit inside of a bullet point, but it’s probably a reason why some think you’re “creepy”. When you’re in a room of friends or strangers alike, and your thought process is something like “Do people like me?” “Am I popular?”, and you’re monitoring everything you say, your vibe is going to be “creepy”.

# 3 — You Don’t Take No For an Answer

Socializing isn’t a Wall Street sales job. Nothing makes guys come across as creepy faster than pushiness and an agenda. The thought that comes to my mind is 1950s Biff from Back to the Future. Yeah, he was kind of a bad-boy, and that probably helped him, but the way he always pursued Marty’s mom was really low-value, considering she was always trying to get away from him. You can imitate this behavior almost exactly by repeatedly calling her or always trying to ask her out.

# 2 — Body Language and Communication is “Abnormal”

Standing too close to people, getting in people’s faces while you talk, avoiding eye-contact, slouching, mumbling and trailing off into tangents are all ways you can be labeled as “creepy”. The best way to rectify these traits is to videotape yourself socializing, and / or attend a bootcamp or help from a coaching professional.

# 1 — You Drive Around High-Schools in a Van With Tinted Windows

>Unfortunately, this practice makes you look creepy because vans are not very good with gas mileage. These days, most people prefer hybrid minivans, and vans are hard to roll up to nightclubs with because of their size and bulk.

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