Five Attractive Qualities of Men

flirtHere are five attractive qualities that can instantly turn your luck around with women, plus improve general success in life. Sure, these topics probably go a bit more deep than this article, but this is a good place to start.

5. Outcome Independence

Everybody has tried to figure this one out, including ancient and modern Buddhists. Some have called this “non-attachment”, but another way to look at it is being happy regardless of the outcome of a situation. I don’t expect this can be adopted overnight, because most of the time we’re taught to worry a lot about whether we accomplish X, Y, or Z, and this programming is hard to shake. But in practical terms, if you’re beating yourself up over an outcome to a situation that didn’t go your way, understand that the sooner you can simply stop caring, the sooner you’ll experience real success.

4. Avoid Petty Jealousies

How often per day do you feel a nagging feeling in your stomach about the success of somebody else? Do you ever feel like another person’s success is getting in the way of your own? Do you want to squash them like insects? Well, I have news for you: you reap what you sow. If you continually feel jealous of other people’s successes, the only person who’s going to get squashed is the guy in the mirror.

3. Stop Seeking Approval When You Speak

Here’s a way to really introduce a masculine, attractive quality. Are you one of those guys who worries about how everybody feels around him? Do you find yourself talking quietly and non-abrasively because you don’t want to offend some little old lady? Well, knock that out! It’s a terrible habit. It indicates you are living your life affected by people around you, and this is going to turn you into an emotional, grey-haired wreck by the time you’re middle-aged or younger.

2. Overcome Fidgety Behavior

The only way to cure this one is through getting yourself videotaped, or asking somebody to be brutally honest. Fidgety behavior is any manner of social ticks you’re not aware of, including everything from prolonged, creepy eye-contact, avoidant eye-contact, continual shiftiness, scratching the nose, licking lips, etc. These ticks can be eliminated with practice.

1. Make a Positive Frame

Here’s another topic much bigger than a mere bullet-point. Adopting a positive frame means you are going into any social situation from a position of non-judgment and assuming the best of everybody. This makes people feel relaxed and comfortable around you. It can make you win interviews, and win a girl’s heart. This requires affirmations and daily resistance to the negative influences in our lives that attempt to poke holes in this. The best way to maintain this feeling is to focus as much as you can on giving back to people, perhaps in the form of smiles or good feelings. and worry far less about what you’re getting in return.

There you have it, five attractive qualities that can make your life really soar. Of course, it takes time and practice to get good at this kind of stuff, but you’ll be amazed how your life turns around for the better as you make a conscious effort to improve yourself in this way.

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