Why Bad Boys Get Girls, Nice Guys Don’t

I’m About to Reveal Some Harsh Truths About Women and Dating


Throughout your life, you may have noticed how the “bad boy” always gets the dates. In high school, the rocker or buff athlete with the personality of an alligator could steal that pretty girl you’d been crushing on.

As men, we have to learn to either ADAPT AND CONQUER… or GIVE UP AND WALK AWAY. Either of these options are perfectly fine, but if you want to succeed in the mating game… Then it’s time to ADAPT!

What Are the Secrets That Bad Boys Use to Attract Women?

For most men, the amazing, gorgeous, feminine examples of beauty are completely unobtainable…

You know who I’m talking about:

pickup artist

No matter how much PUA theory you read, it’s like there’s something blocking you from still becoming the man you want to be.

That’s because what you want to be must become INTERNALIZED.

Specifically, there are three main elements of the bad boy archetype that must be internalized in this way. Men who master these concepts will live in sexual abundance, guaranteed:


Sexual Confidence


If you’re missing one of these, you can’t be a bad boy! You can even have the attitude and confidence down, but a bad boy also has the IMAGE to attract women.

People come to mind like the rapper Pit Bull. Some know exactly how to be bad boys:

pit bull

Guys like this have it down to a SCIENCE.

The look, the swagger, the smirk, the clothes.

And even more importantly, they understand the different types of male archetypes that women identify as bad boy men.

Why Does This Work?

Women are hard-wired to want the pack leader. Some teachers call them “alpha males”. I see it as men who are very masculine who attract the feminine.

It’s like a magnet. Feminine women are pulled toward very masculine men.

Unfortunately, many bad boys are assholes. This is why so many women suffer in their dating lives. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an asshole to be a bad boy.

How Do I Become a Bad Boy?

It’s not an overnight process.

You need to start at the ground level and develop something called your WARRIOR’S PATH. A real bad boy is not just some idiot with a fake image…

The real deal is someone who walks the path, and has something in his life worth dying for.

This is what creates the real core confidence a man needs to transform himself.

Anything less than this, and you’ll be a faker! A whigger by another name – a guy trying to look hard and show off, but who isn’t walking the walk.

If You Have Ongoing Problems With Women, This is Probably the Solution

Very few, if any, programs have tackled the transformation process to turn from an average guy into a bad boy. And no such program has been offered for the cost of a Starbucks mocha.

Attract Women as a Bad Boy has been created by Lucas Elliot (Magnetic PUA) and Cyrus Thomson (How to Become a Powerful, Sexy Man) and it’s a detailed workbook to turn an average dude into the thing women lust after.

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