Brave Guys Needed for YouTube Reality TV Show

Hello, Developed Man readers,

My friend (and contributor to our sister site, Developed Life), Arturo has undertaken a project that involves exploring cultural differences in dating standards. This will be done through a funny YouTube series that will debut late this year: American Love in Prague.

For years, a well-known secret has been that lonely guys move toward regions like central or east Europe to level the dating game to their favor. Countless stories are abound that feature guys who have found beautiful romantic partners in distant countries.

There are a lot of theories for why this is (many of which I outline in a booklet I recently wrote, Global Dating), but it seems to be that the dating arena in the United States is, no matter how you slice it or how much “game” you try to learn, always going to be somewhat flawed.

The YouTube show will satirically explore what it takes for American expats to become Czech Republic bachelors; looking for love in a city renown for beautiful women.

Arturo is looking for American guys aged 18-30 to participate; you must be down to go to Prague, to not be camera shy, and down to participate in a fun project (and maybe meet some lovely ladies in the process). Digital nomads and lifestyle designers who like to roam are always a welcome addition; as you could make this a stop along your travels. Shooting is scheduled for this fall through winter.

To apply, leave a comment on this thread, e-mail me or just contact Arturo directly by liking the American Love in Prague Facebook page and leaving a comment or sending a message.

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