How to Keep a Girl Interested With 5 Techniques

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Are you in that nebulous zone where you’re “sort of” dating a girl? For instance, you’ve gotten a little hot and heavy in the past, but your little relationship seems to constantly wane in and out of existence. This is a fairly common situation, and it leaves many guys (and girls alike) suffering from bouts of insecurity as they try to keep the flame alit. Here’s a quick guide for those who are wondering about how to keep a girl interested.

5 – Stop Pitching to Meet Her

When you talk to a woman on the phone, it shouldn’t be a struggle to constantly try to see her.

Ex: “Hey! How are you? So, I was wondering if, like, you wanted to go grab lunch…”

If a woman feels pressured to meet up with you all of the time (given her hectic schedule and other social obligations) she will respond by retreating.

Instead, make her feel comfortable talking to you without obligations. Just make the conversation about catching up, sharing some thoughts for the day, and leave it at that.

4 – Don’t Act Clingy

When people tell you “just be cool, man”, this is what they’re trying to explain without using so many words.

Clinginess could be defined as: the urge for a person’s acceptance, validation or love, and neurotic behavior that ensues if these conditions are not met.

Between two people, the person who is more emotionally mature is going to be less tolerant of clinginess. There’s a lot of reasons why: the avoidance of a dependency-based relationship is a big one. In addition, clingy behavior defuses sexual attraction.

Ending clinginess starts with you. You have to analyze your own emotions, and when you sense an unfulfilled emotional gap that requires plugging by another person’s approval, do everything you can to nullify the feeling.

3 – Always Joke Around

My life pro-tip: there’s no such thing as too much humor, banter and playfulness, as long as she’s actually laughing.

It IS possible to overdo humor if it becomes an insecurity or a way to hide from real problems. However, obviously, if she’s laughing with you then you haven’t crossed such a threshold.

I really don’t think a relationship founded on a premise of grim seriousness is ever going to be very healthy. Therefore, it’s your job to look for opportunities to tease her, misinterpret her, perform pranks, make her giggle, make fun of yourself, horseplay, tickle, etc.

If you can be the master of changing the mood back to lightheartedness, she’ll become addicted to you like a drug. We all want a way to escape the daily grind / crap we have to deal with, and being around someone who can make you laugh is by far the greatest way.

2 – Seduce Her

If sexuality to you is sticking it in and pumping one out, you’re missing the entire point.

Seduction is actually about foreplay, light touching on the skin, pulling on her hair, biting the neck, changing from rough to gentle or gentle to rough, being imaginative, and keeping her guessing about what you’re going to do next.

You can’t really afford to be sexually lazy, and it’s probably the most important technique for how to keep a girl interested in you far beyond the expiration date of most other guys.

1 – Don’t Be Like Other Guys

Cliché behavior makes a woman think: “I’ve seen this all before” and it tends to banish interest. The hard part, obviously, is determining what types of behavior you must avoid so that you do not blend in with the rest.

One idea is unconventional dates. Try taking her to a grocery store for your big date, and simply go shopping with her — bantering the entire time about weird products in the aisles. Just focus on having fun with her, in any setting.

Or, surprise her by turning her on in an unlikely place. Start biting her neck and pulling her hair in an elevator, and then pretend like nothing happened afterward. Leave her desperate to hook up with you later in the evening.

Another way to act different is to ramp up how aloof you are about things that bother most other dudes. For instance, if you get jealous easily, you may want to consider analyzing that type of behavior (perhaps this book will help) and to become less reactive.

In Summary

These techniques for how to keep a girl interested in you could also be applied to long-term romantic relationships. At the beginning stage, however, it’s even more important to maintain interest so that things don’t just fizzle out.

The only caveat, and an important final note, is that the very nature of worrying about whether she’s interested in you might be a big mistake in its own right. Obsessing about whether she likes you or not is going to shine through into your personality, and it will make you seem reactive and needy.

Apply the principles in this article, but at the same time try to stop worrying so much. Remember your abundance mentality: there’s millions of women out there who you have amazing chemistry with, yet you just haven’t met them yet.

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