How to Behave Around the Most Beautiful Women

beautiful women

Every man must learn how to behave around the most beautiful women in the world. This is easily where the majority of guys fall short, and we desperately need some education on this matter. Really beautiful women are subject to a massive influx of unnecessary status, attention, jealousy, opportunities and calamities from all walks of life. This is because we live in a society that worships youth and beauty above almost everything else.

For this reason, your only chance of making friends with, or dating, a woman like this is by going outside the box completely. While a lot of men only fantasize about dating supermodels in Ibiza, some men are really doing it. Here’s some tips I’ve learned along the way:

Never Compliment Her Appearance: Duh, rule number-fucking-one. Telling a beautiful woman that she’s pretty is as awkward as asking an eskimo if he likes snow. The only exception to this rule is if you are eight years-old. It worked pretty good for me back then.

Be Wary of Other Compliments: Most men learn what chode behavior it is to tell a hot girl “you’re hot”, so they try to go “under the radar” to hand their value to them in more subtle ways. For instance, excessive compliments about their intelligence, writing skills or their shoes. Come on, give it a rest, they know what you’re doing (trying to win favor) and it will never work.

Never Treat Her as a “Thing”: Without realizing it, common male behavior toward genetically gifted ladies actually undermines them. After the 1000th man hits on her (by around age 17 or 18), a beautiful woman will start to feel like a walking rib roast in a town full of dogs. Men don’t realize it, but giving any added attention because of looks is akin to saying: “you’re a commodity because of your appearance”, and this makes women feel uncomfortable to put it lightly.

Focus on Making Her Laugh: Tease her, joke with her, and as many seduction coaches have put it: “treat her like your bratty little sister”. This immediately puts you in a whole new category of male.

Focus on Work: If you go to school or work with such a woman, focus on the job and don’t be like every other guy trying to take things “personal” by “getting to know her” (ie: asking about her life, what she likes, her favorite color, or other nonsense). The idea is to remain indifferent to her status as a high-status woman that every man wants. You have to be the exception to the rule. By doing this, she will generate interest in YOU and perhaps even ask you out!

Be Unavailable: Decidedly turning down offers of coffee, hanging out, or whatever is not a great idea when you’re with a girl who is not stunningly angelic and beautiful (she will just move on to someone else), but with the Perfect-10 dime pieces, since every guy is constantly TRYING to get with them, by having something better to do — you’ll become the cool guy she will never have to worry is going to pursue and 12 AM Facebook stalk her.

Tell Her She’s Beautiful AFTER You’re Dating Her: Beautiful women are insecure, freaked out age 30 or 35 will be unkind to them, and trying to keep up with better looking females getting better jobs in “hot girl industries” like modelling or acting. Once you’re with the girl, it’s your job to help keep her self-esteem up.

There’s Degrees of Beauty: I actually think there’s a difference between “hot” (not physically perfect, but sexual, personally appealing, the girl-next-door, etc) and “beautiful” (Olivia Wilde, for instance). The former category of “hot” is the majority of women you’re attracted to. The article you just read is about that 5-percentile of goddesses, and the rules are pretty specific. I’m curious what you think, though. What’s the difference between hot and beautiful? You can post via the Facebook comments on the bottom.

In Summary

Some people may tell you the only way to date a gorgeous woman is to either: be a celebrity DJ, a celebrity actor, or a total asshole. As it turns out, a lot of these women are sick of vain guys in show-business; and what they’re probably looking for are authentic men like yourself. So, that’s good news, isn’t it?

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