My Experience Among True Beta Males Has Terrified Me

beta male

Before I begin my little story, let me make it clear – I’ve always been skeptical of the red pill alpha / beta dichotomy. Not everybody can fit into these slots so easily. An “alpha” may have beta qualities in some situations, and a “beta” may be alpha in other areas. We have the ability to slide in and out of these roles (I talk about this in a 2014 book “Alpha Confidence for Men and Women” you can grab on Amazon for a couple bucks).

So mostly, it’s a derogatory term used by more masculine men to denigrate feminine or less aggressive men. This has major pitfalls attached because you can’t tell someone who is naturally less aggressive to “be more alpha”. You may as well tell Steve Buscemi to “be more handsome”. It’s also false to assume someone with a meek demeanor is not attractive. I’ve known women to go absolutely *crazy* over men who Joe Red Pill on Reddit would laugh at for being “beta”.

That said, I have to reevaluate my beliefs after attending a New Agey self-development conference out in sunny Santa Monica, CA. It was there I experienced a level of beta-maleness that struck fear into my heart.

The class was put on by OneTaste – a group I came to discover is, in fact, a cult that worships the clitoris. They are the Orgasmic Meditation practitioners. They teach men to NOT orgasm and to instead pleasure women with surgical gloves on. I discovered that they teach the greatness of the female orgasm while literally ignoring the existence of a male orgasm. Upon digging deeper, I learned some weird bullshit, faux-feminist ideologies surrounding their distrust or dislike of men cumming.

However, I digress. I could make an entire separate article about the train-wreck that is OneTaste. The point is, to no great surprise, I was squeezed next to an armada of true beta males. Probably attending their seminar out of desperation that by appeasing the OneTaste Vagina Overlords, they may be granted access to some type of female affection.

OneTaste’s one redeemable quality is their ability to mix self-development discussion with sexuality and to help people talk frankly about sex and desire in a public setting (it was what attracted me to the group initially, before I realized they were the Cult of the Clit).

A girl in an abnormally tight dress (part of their sales strategy) began a word association game. It led to, “When I have an orgasm, this is the flavor of it…”

A guy next to me, who seemed a balanced personality, said, “Something pure and delicious.”

I said, “I don’t know if it’s a flavor, but it’s like fire. Just total burning desire.”

And then began the row of beta, New Age nice guys.

“It’s like chocolate sprinkles,” one guy said. I hoped he was mocking the presenter, but he wasn’t.

“Like chocolate, it’s like eating chocolate!” said another scrawny guy with a beaded necklace.

“Velvet cake with sprinkles,” said another, seemingly inspired by the first beta’s use of the word “sprinkles”.

And on it went, and part of me died.

I don’t know what’s going through these people’s heads when they’re masturbating to anime, but this experience shined a light into corners I’d rather not see into. The sheer lack of masculinity exuding from these boys was like a nightmarish abyss. That, and the transparency of their attendance; the hopes of getting some action with the California clitoris cult.

My Advice For Beta Males

You can’t be simultaneously a beta male and frustrated by a lack of a sex life, and do nothing about it. That includes joining groups (or cults) with the hope of sex. These are not valid strategies.

Recognize the real elements of your masculinity, and get away from both feminist groups and New Age spirituality philosophies that teach masculinity is “harmful” or should be shamed.

The first thing you should do is travel alone, for about a year. Do you remember the movie “Batman Begins”? Do you remember what Bruce Wayne had to go through to evolve into Batman? At one point he was in central Asia trying to steal food on the street because he didn’t bring enough money on his backpacking self-discovery trip to stay sustainable.

Well, when you become highly reliant on yourself, strong and resilient to new situations, and courageous – much of your beta male qualities are reduced.

That, and go ahead and grow a beard. It’s not always a solution, and it’s a bit cliché. However, based on the physical appearances of some of the cuck collective I witnessed at the seminar – SOMETHING needs to change.

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