Online Dating Heralds the Apocalypse for Western Men


I’ll preface this by saying I have no affiliation with the site “Sluthate” which appears to be another misguided offshoot of “PUAHate” – which was shut down after one of their members, a guy we know named Elliot Rodger, went on a killing spree in southern California.

That being said, I can’t help but laugh, cringe, and sob into my pillow after I was linked to an experiment that some people on that forum put together. Their theory: men on online dating sites are so desperate that they’ll hit on fucking anything.

Anybody who’s ever peered at a woman’s dating profile knows that there’s a frightening imbalance between the attention males get versus females. Even the most average woman you can imagine is sent dozens of gushing love letters per evening. This of course pumps up a woman’s ego, but seems to do nothing to actually accomplish any semblance of a romance or hook-up.

So, meet the pig woman, a Photoshop creation by “Neck Brah” to test just to what extent male PoF users are pathetic and with no standards. A profile was made for a girl with literal pig body parts and male chest hair:

Line up boys, I’m hot shit.

And how long did it take for the reliable men of Plenty of Fish to find her?

Oh fuck no.


What This Says About the State of Western Male Culture

Men are in a state of crisis and desperation. Despite the efforts of the Manosphere, PUA, and the men’s self-development movement, the majority of men are petrified of meeting women face to face. They are stuck in a vortex of self hatred, Kleenex and web porn. Countless men are extremely lonely, out of touch with their masculinity, and scraping at the absolute bottom of the barrel–where during feats of sheer insanity, depression, and jerk off marathons–will decide it’s a good idea to hit up Womanbearpig. After-all, the last 1,000 messages that were sent out didn’t yield any responses, so why not?

Some of these men are quite successful, running companies or holding upper five-figure or six-figure jobs. However, long ago they came to the crushing realization that those resume accomplishments mean nothing when it comes to generating attraction; especially after their wives fuck their poolboys; divorce them, and gallop into the sunset with all of their worldly possessions.

A Western Thing?

I am currently traveling in Croatia, Bosnia, and soon the Czech Republic. Between here and the month I recently spent in Turkey, I swear that this side of the planet simply does not suffer from these problems. In Turkey, I scored more dates in two weeks (with extremely high quality women) than an entire year in Los Angeles; with countless girls blowing up my Tinderr app at all hours of the night. This seldom happens in LA, and I assume it’s because the sexual marketplace isn’t swamped by desperate chumps.

This shows me that the crisis I speak of is not caused by online dating per se; but it’s merely heralded by it. In a healthy culture, men cultivate true self-esteem, apply standards to their love lives, and they do not thirstily beg for the attention of any narcissistic bimbo on Instagram just because she has a pair of tits and could, in an alternate universe, create the possibility of sex for him.

I remember in Istanbul I added a stunning girl I met on Facebook, to discover to my shock her friend count hovered at 250 with minimal photos of herself. When was the last time in the United States you saw an attractive woman on social media without a minimal of 100 duck-face selfies, 3,500 friends, and endless guys “liking” every stupid image that she posts?

This is because there’s a symbiosis between thirsty, desperate men and narcissistic behavior. In the end, everybody loses. Both men and women, in this case, act in truly pathetic ways. While this is clearly a sign of end times for Western male culture; it could also foretell the eventual collapse of Western nations themselves.

To help remove yourself from this problem and slow down the collapse:

  • Stop using dating sites immediately.
  • Replace said dating sites with ANY attempt whatsoever to talk to women in the real world.
  • Do not date any woman who chronically updates her social media accounts and takes tons of selfies. No matter how hot you think she is.
  • Never, ever like any woman’s post or picture by virtue of her being attractive to you.
  • Never compromise your standards and integrity out of desperation.
  • If you really are so depressed that messaging Pig Woman becomes tempting, and you’re absolutely stuck at trying to learn game, then consider going to a country in Southeast Asia. Many of the women are very beautiful, and having a good job as a man is considered highly attractive; so you’ll have women fighting to marry you. Some guys do get fucked over doing this in a sloppy way (you need game no matter WHAT you fucking do in life), but most of the time if you treat a Thai or Filipino girl well, she’ll keep you very happy for the rest of your life. (Source: I lived in Thailand for six months and met plenty of happy expats who did this very thing.)
  • Finally, you can travel anywhere that’s not the USA (or arguably Canada, UK or Australia). There are many cultures that are not damaged like this, and this becomes immediately apparent when you step out your door and observe normal relations between men and women taking place.

Behold the alternative.

That is if she chooses you. After-all, a dozen guys hit her up a day, and so the odds you’d be so fortunate are not in your favor.

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