The Best Mindset for Meeting Women

meeting women

There’s so much pressure on the modern man when it comes to meeting women. Everybody has an opinion about it these days, and the opinions are always changing. So the question becomes: what’s working lately? Here are some thoughts.

Get Social

Sitting in the corner with your drink in hand isn’t going to work. What’s even worse is prowling about, trying to remember the latest lines and pickup techniques.

Here’s the thing that the entire pickup industry forgot, long ago, and which still affects men today… The point is to be social and have a good time.

A comes before B. If you’re not having fun, you won’t be centered in yourself, and if you’re not centered… your interactions will be awkward for you, and for her.

Don’t even think about meeting women until you’re out of your head and talking to everybody around you—not just your “targets”.

Make Sure Your Mates Are Social

You know the worst thing you can do? Ride into the club with three buddies who are into PUA nonsense. These guys will be killing your game with creepy vibes, aggressive approaches, and incongruent behavior.

Look, I know there’s some PUAs out there who are legitimately smooth. But 95% of PUA students are not.

One of my biggest mistakes, way back in my college days, was deciding I needed “wingmen” and taking them with me to the clubs. For these novices of life, every single minor part of the night had to be broken down into scientific detail. They considered it a huge victory just getting a woman to talk to them for more than 2 ½ minutes…

Your mates have to be real people. Not tools like the guys I just described. Preferably, bring some girls with you. You do have girls in your life, don’t you?

Get Them Addicted to Your Conversation

Switch up your conversation. Keep the who’s and what’s about yourself to a minimal, and focus it more on her.

Then, when the opportunity arises, step up the banter and teasing. Humor is the gateway to sexuality. It always has been.

Stay Till the End of the Night

At about 12:30 AM, it’s tempting to go home. But if by then you’ve found a good group to roll with, and a girl or two in that group you like, don’t bail early. Once another round of cocktails floats through, people start getting dancy, and after-party plans start getting made…It becomes more than possible you’ll be whisked off, too, and up with a new girl in your bed the next morning.


Stop being so attached to the outcome. This is what years of Internet-dating-advice has led to; a grim future where men everywhere are going out with motives and schemes plastered on their faces. The more you can just “let go”—the more truly successful you’ll become—and you won’t need to watch a hundred goofy RSD videos to figure it out.

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