When to Call Her, And Other Phone Rules

Girl talking on the phone

Ever since Alexander Graham Bell and Edison first came up with the telecommunications concept, which thrusted modern society into the beginnings of the great age of information (which is currently at its zenith), men from around the world immediately realized the potential to have easier dating lives. However, just as quickly as men discovered the benefit of collecting digits from women, there also came an error of human psychology; women were not always so receptive to that next-day phone-call. And thus, with the age of information came the global crisis of men obsessing about “when to call her”.

The reason women are sometimes less receptive to that all-important next-day phone-call is because it requires a level of commitment that most women simply do not feel after an initial meeting. That, and women are more emotionally centered than men are, so if the emotions she first felt around you, whether joy laughter or ecstasy, are not felt in the moment that she picks up the telephone amidst a splitting a headache, then you’re out of luck, bub!

However, humans continue to procreate as a result of Bell’s most interesting device, so somewhere, somehow, men have figured out when to call her appropriately, how to woo her over the telephone, and successfully schedule an additional meeting. How do they do it? We’ve broken it down for your enjoyment and educational pleasure with these DevelopedMan.com Calling Rules:

Rule #1 Build Up a Lot of Rapport First: Here’s the main reason that most schmucks experience nothing but cold shards of ice during the next-day phone-call; they didn’t properly enter her life first. The idea of serendipity on the street is sadly overplayed by Hollywood, and I’ve never seen it happen. I’ve had great chemistry with women only to have them disappear upon handing over their digits. There’s common threads why this happens: she doesn’t feel like she “knows” you yet. I would not even expect a successful phone interaction unless you spend a minimum of four hours together first.

Rule #2 Don’t Schedule a Date First: Here’s something counter-productive, imagine calling her but NOT scheduling a date. Your aim instead is to have a conversation that’s fun or stimulating. You want her to FORGET that she’s having an awkward “next-day phone-call” with some dude. So, what do you do instead? Well, pick up a conversational thread from the night prior–ask her how her X, Y, Z that you talked about is coming along.

Rule #3 Get Her to Laugh or Feel Silly: Creating banter is a whole topic that could be delved into with much greater detail (perhaps in another article). As we know, playfulness and banter are things you cannot force to happen. If it does occur, however, that’s excellent–allow it and encourage it– fan those flames. Lightheartedness is the key to a woman’s heart, and it immediately lessens the high-pressure dynamic of a phone-call.

Rule #4 Call Her Soon: And now, to answer the grand question of “when to call her” — the answer is actually soon, like the next morning. Yep, ignore what they said in “Swingers”. Why soon? Because the longer you wait, the more AWKWARD it gets (“Oh, it’s the guy from last Thursday, why is he calling me? Oh, god.”)

IN SUMMARY: So, what is a successful phone call? It’s one where it’s done quickly, where there is no pressure and no immediate plans are made, yet you guys bantered for an hour like old friends, chatting about tons of different things, and she suddenly feels comfortable talking to you and she’s hoping you are going to call her again. At such a point, “asking her out” becomes a no-brainer because she wants to see you really badly. Viola.

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