The Truth About What Women Want (It’s Wladimir Klitschko)

Wladimir Klitschko

Wladimir Klitschko is a Ukrainian boxer who looks like a villain in a 90s Steven Segal action flick. There’s a lot of buzz about him lately because he recently spawned a baby with beautiful actress Hayden Panettiere.

I found myself reading this headline and wondering how often we see highest status females, like Hayden, going out with computer geeks, feminine men, and pasty spectacle-wearing writers and journalists.

It never happens. Those women with absolute freedom of choice typically look for the men who are built like horses (probably in more ways than one), are primal warriors and leaders, and who are perfect examples of raw masculinity. This is what the majority of women want, and to believe otherwise you are delusional.

And, in today’s sexual climate, the standard of alpha masculinity further divides sex worthy males from the not-so sex worthy.

How the Sexual Marketplace Works

There is no doubt that 90% of women lust after 10% of men.

If you think this is a bum deal for men, understand that in some way it’s also shitty for the ladies. As they enter this mindset, they try desperately to snatch up men who are typically unavailable (or extreme players). Women, perhaps because it’s hardwired into them or it’s the result of cultural peer expectations, would rather be single than settle for anything less than what they feel they’re entitled to.

As a result, you’ll find many beautiful-to-moderately-attractive (and even plain looking) women in the big city are perpetually single. They are waiting for “the one”, which is code for a Ukrainian boxer who is also rich, famous, built like a tank, and can kill a man with his bare hands.

In many ways, this is similar to the endlessly career driven person who will settle for nothing less than to become the CEO of their company. Similarly, such people may not find happiness when they finally get what they want so badly. Hence our massive divorce rates.

A century ago, men and women were not geographically sporadic. Before globalization, the internet, and EasyJet, women were usually limited to an area of a few square miles. Their pick of suitors had to come from this pool. The most suitable bachelor was now in the same stratosphere of qualities that a “regular guy” could actually obtain.

Now, comparisons lie in pop culture. A man is not held to the standard of the guy who owns the local deli, works out and has an awesome mustache–instead, the average scrawny dude who slaves at an office all day is held to the standard of Wladimir Klitschko and various larger-than-life celebrities.

The Beta Male Phenomenon

Men have a strong sexual drive, just above that of women. Men also desire multiple sexual partners to a greater extent. As a result, men are not supremely picky, and never will be. The standards men hold women to usually consists of: “don’t be elderly, don’t be really fat, try to be cool to be around”.

Women have somewhat less biological drive based around sex. Therefore, they approach mating from a position of seeking “the best”, not necessarily being directed by gut-level sexual attraction. Their desire is still biological by nature, but it’s also mixed up with peer pressure, sociological expectation, and the Western tendency to want “the best” despite limited resources (the best car, the best house, the best Facebook friends list, the best selfie).

The ten percentile of men that most women desire are readily noticeable in a sea of “beta males”. Guys like this “nice guy”:

These are all men who, for whatever reason, do not make the cut. Women constantly dodge these men as they bother them on social media or make awkward, failed approaches (which these days are dubbed “street harassment”).

While there is a gradient in-between these extremes, many men end up somewhere in the middle. These are men who can count their sexual partners on one hand. Sometimes, their only sexual partner IS their hand.

Sadly, from a moral or logical point of view, most of these “undesirables” are perfectly good guys. Loyal, hard-working, maybe even handsome. In fact, in the olden days, they’d probably have an endless variety of women to choose from in their communities.

Today, average is not good enough, even though average itself is a myth–and everybody has something unique to offer. In Western culture, sexual viability among men is placed within strict, unyielding criteria of personal behavior (alpha attitude) and external attributes (broad shoulders, money, power).

A man must be actively in, or approaching, this ten percentile to maintain sexual options.

And unfortunately, men are notoriously unaware of these facts about the sexual marketplace. This is why so many constantly pursue women in the most low-power methods.

A friend of mine, an attractive eighteen year-old, posts regularly the absurdity of messages that she receives by strangers on Facebook. The screenshots that she posts usually consist of:

“Hey baby”
“I know u don’t know me but I love your tits”
“wow… i want to get to know you whats your phone number?”
“hey we live in the same town, do you wanna go out with me?”

And on, and on.

In many ways, this barrage of clueless beta males is a driving force behind the frustrating behavior among most modern women.

The reason this occurs is because as women are more and more strict about only dating within the ten percentile, that ninety percentile becomes more and more sexually frustrated. We men are driven by sexual urges that sometimes pornography cannot satiate. This leads to irrational behavior, such as messaging a girl half your age on Facebook and asking to see her tits.

Obviously, any man who behaves this way is only hurting his own cause further. But as our brains ooze chemicals telling us to desperately seek anything with a pair of breasts and two legs after a two-year dry spell, it’s no surprise men behave this way.

This is a dangerous cycle that continues to spin out of control. The only solution for men is to either walk away or to push hard to enter the ten percentile (game, alpha attitudes, etc).

A Healthier Culture Would Not Have These Problems

Men are not taught by our fathers or peers that acting like a sex begging beta is a horrible strategy. Further, women are not taught some basic eastern philosophical principles to be grateful for what you have and to not relentlessly seek perfection.

If a greater amount of men possessed traits that women found desirable, the ten percentile could change to a top twenty or thirty percentile. In other words, there would be fewer frustrated single women who are unsatisfied by what they perceive as an ocean of low quality men.

If women were taught the true nature of self-esteem, and if a healthy culture of female self-development (not feminism victim-hood or Cosmo mag consumerism) existed; women would make better choices and aspire to inner-happiness before seeking such happiness through the validation of obtaining a perfect male specimen. They would place less weight and severity on the mating process, and this open-mindedness could lead to women discovering they feel attracted to men they previously may not have given their time in the endless pursuit of perfection.

Further, men are not taught to lean back and stop being “pursuers”. They allow their sexual impulses to control their behavior far too much. This is why women get messaged more on dating sites compared to men on roughly a 1:100 ratio.

Unfortunately, current Western culture is toxic and spinning out of control. There are enough ladies and enough guys for there to be limitless options for both of us. Instead we are faced with divorce rates pushing 60%, with single, frustrated men AND women everywhere.

However, the immediate priority I believe lies in female culture. Privileged, urban women believe Wladimir Klitschko is going to appear and rescue them from the ocean of beta males. Feminism and female social philosophy reinforces for women to “never settle”, which really means continue to live squarely by the standards of pop culture and fantasy.

The problem is, once they finally find their “perfect” guy–usually after sleeping with quite a few candidates–they are not happy. They file for divorce. Their biological and sociological drive lied to them.

Or, after constant frustration after fruitlessly trying to catch one of the ten percentile, they “settle” and find one of their beta male orbiters who seems to have the best financial dividends. They immediately regret the decision, and resent the man for it. Again, divorce is filed, ugly custody proceedings ensue, etc.

This is because sex takes the back-burner to healthy philosophy. Women do not understand that happiness begins within their own minds. Western female philosophy is attached to an unbelievable mindset of victimhood. Women are not given permission to just be happy to be themselves. As a result, they carry all of their mental baggage into relationships as they look for happiness through external validation.

They devote all of their energy, all of their life’s work to finding the most desirable man possible. And at the end of the day, they’re still posting selfies worried about their appearance and what their friends think of them.

In Summary

As men, the best we can do is grow individually, and strive to stay in that ten percentile for our own sanity’s sake. The best women we can find are self-developed and not identifying their happiness based on what their gaggle of catty friends think.

However, just to be able to find a woman like that, we must first obtain the skills and attributes needed to attract ANY woman, at all.

In the current sexual climate; this means striving to be more like alpha dudes like Wladimir. The good news is that by modeling yourself after prime examples of masculinity; you are likely improving your life in other areas, as well. There is a lack of masculinity in modern men; and it involves self-sufficiency, leadership, charisma, and a warrior’s attitude. These are not bad traits for any man to quest for.

The bad news is that personal transformation is extremely hard. Our genetics limit to just what extent we can get ripped, and there is no shortcut to crack psychology to become instantly more masculine, more of a bad-boy.

But it can be done to your full potential, anyway. Ultimately, it must be done as a way of improving yourself, not merely to appease women–as this common mistake is a contradiction of goals that could even keep you in a beta status (does Wladimir train every-day to impress women? I doubt it).

This is in essence what a lot of men in the “Manosphere” strive toward.

And, as most of us know, it can be a lifelong process.

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