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French Feminism vs American Feminism

Editor’s Note: On Developed Man, I’ve tried to focus on self-development and avoid the fiery debate across the Manosphere and men’s rights sites that point

September 14, 2014 Gender Issues
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How Generalizing is Stupid Behavior (Response to Return of Kings)

What does it take to be a good man? A lot of things, but most importantly it’s about avoiding certain behaviors that harm you. There’s

June 18, 2014 Articles, Gender Issues
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Huge Mistakes From Yesteryear’s PUA Movement

I don’t think anybody likes the term “PUA” (pickup artist) anymore because it’s ridiculous. But, I still see guys using PUA principles in an effort

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Brave Guys Needed for YouTube Reality TV Show

Hello, Developed Man readers, My friend (and contributor to our sister site, Developed Life), Arturo has undertaken a project that involves exploring cultural differences in

May 26, 2014 Exclusive, Gender Issues
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The Terrible Temptation of Bragging

First of all, I have no idea who this is a picture of. He was on the Wikimedia creative commons page for the keyword “arrogant”

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A Complete Guide to Approach Anxiety

I promised I would write about approach anxiety one of these days. So, we’ve finally arrived at that point. This term is rooted squarely in

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6 High Quality Behaviors That Men Must Try to Obtain

Let’s face it, the world is kind of a shitty place sometimes. And, the reason is largely because of the people who inhabit it. Fortunately,

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Men and Women Are Equal, End of Story

Few things can hurt an interaction more than gender superiority and gender inferiority complexes. This can occur among those who feel that the opposite gender

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Networking Tips for Successful Guys

Every guy has dreams; as it’s part of our masculine instinct to achieve forward momentum, obtain impossible goals, and climb to the top of the

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On Sealing the Deal and Avoiding the Friend Zone

Note: this is part of chapter 5 of my book “The Ultimate Men’s Dating Advice Book”. If you’d like to read the entire program, you

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How to Keep a Girl Interested With 5 Techniques

Are you in that nebulous zone where you’re “sort of” dating a girl? For instance, you’ve gotten a little hot and heavy in the past,

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How to End a Relationship and Turn the Experience Positive

In my experience, everything from the fear of intimacy to long-term dry spells can be attributed to the fear of the breakup process. While the

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Attracting Women with Non Verbal Communication

There’s a huge misconception about socialization, non-verbal communication, and the attraction process . Since people first started analyzing the skill of interaction as an art

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The Seven Deadly Limiting Beliefs

The limiting belief is a term that has entered common vernacular. It is a belief that restricts one’s spirit and persists regardless of whether any

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The Power of Sexual Tension

Many poets say there is no greater feeling than the race of one’s heartbeat as one draws toward a kiss. I tend to agree. Perhaps

February 04, 2014 Social Skills
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