When Beautiful Women Are Not Beautiful (Calling Out All Simps)


Today, I fear that we live in the age of simps. These are men who beg, grovel and plead for female attention. It has become so widespread in cities like Los Angeles that even completely average women can acquire 4,000, 5,000 or more Tinder matches in a short amount of time. This gives women a sense of superiority in the dating market, and superiority would be an accurate impression.

While this ruins the dating market and keeps America as one of the worst places to meet women, it also highlights a surprising lack of standards among Western men who over-value most women, in particular the women perceived as physically beautiful

Beautiful Women With No Values is the Biggest Con a Man Can Play on Himself

Living in Los Angeles, there are plenty of “beautiful” women; but few who are worth the incredible hoops required to impress (when there are literally legions of thirsty men after their attention). The world is filled with fit ladies; but the ones in LA and similar American metropolitan centers are keenly aware of their social advantages and will exploit their looks for every penny its worth. Yet, these same women have very little value to offer except for the superficial status associated with their appearances.

Why This is an American Phenomenon

I believe the unwarranted attention on attractive women has deeper roots in American culture. The first issue is that America suffers from an obesity epidemic and attractive women are rarer, and therefore in higher demand. This is a far cry from almost anywhere else in the world, especially Latin America and Europe, where there is nothing monumentally special about a woman looking good. She will not be showered with compliments and attention from a young age for having a common attribute.

This reinforces simps. Attractive women become more of a special prize among a sea of unattractive ones. And the dating game becomes even further a superficial game show; where an army of horny men vie for the attention of a scarce number of desirable women.

This issue is heightened by generally materialistic standards in the West. Under the veneer of feminism, women are taught they “deserve the best”–not just the pretty ones, but the average women believe they deserve only the highest quality male suitors due to their undeserved sense of entitlement. Again, this creates a situation where men beg and grovel, and women generally remain dateless as they hopelessly pursue the top percent of guys (many of whom are players or uninterested in them beyond a quick fuck).

The Big Point: A Beautiful Woman Without Values is Not Beautiful

A lot of these issues on the male side can be rectified if men learn to discern quality women. A woman without any of the following attributes is far from a “beautiful” person and should NOT be given undeserved attention EVEN IF one may feel biologically attracted. You most certainly should NOT end up in a relationship to a woman without these traits.

High Quality Traits:

  • Empathic attitude toward people.
  • Altruistic.
  • Charitable.
  • Caring / kindness.
  • A sense of awareness about the world around her.
  • Humility about her place in the world.
  • Creative talents (beyond just taking selfies).

If you’re a good social observer, it’s possible to determine a woman’s quality in these regards based on her actions, body language, and even physical appearance. I typically notice it first in the eyes. If her eyes are highly connected to mine when I meet her, it indicates she values engagement with the people she meets, indicating some of these high quality traits. If, on the other hand, her eyes are distant and she appears uninterested, it means she feels entitled and is waiting for the male to hold her deserving attention.

You can usually tell by her eyes and the attention she places on you if she’s a quality person. Contrary to popular belief these girls are NOT unicorns. You simply have to look in healthier countries or in smaller towns.

(If you want to practice detecting low quality women, just watch some videos of Taylor Swift talking to people.)

It should come as no surprise the former type of woman is much easier to connect with and date if you yourself are a high quality guy. The entitled, disengaged woman is going to require being “gamed” to a high degree. If after spending tons of work to gain her attention, you finally sleep with her of make her a girlfriend, you’ll be sorely disappointed. You’ll be entering a relationship with someone who has NO interpersonal skills and is likely to exploit you.

If you don’t want that type of woman, the following are traits you must avoid like the plague:

  • Narcissism (Do all topics return back to her?
  • Self indulgence (Is she on Instagram every 5 minutes?)
  • Insecurity (She knows under her veneer of pretty blonde hair, she has nothing of value, so she tries to compensate).
  • Obsession with shallow topics (We all enjoy shallow conversation, but is it 100% of the time with her, constantly? Good luck ever engaging with her on any intimate level.)
  • Conflating professional skill with value (So she’s a smart career woman and can negotiate billion dollar foreign trade deals. If she thinks this makes her a valuable person who deserves undivided attention, run.)
  • Has no belief in equity (Does she claim to be a feminist but thinks a guy should always pay the bill? It means she believes in a la carte equality and will try to exploit you for even the smallest things while claiming to be persecuted. Run.)
  • Brags about being “the boss” or “wearing the pants” – if you are dumb enough to marry her, this is a little preview of things to come.
  • Lots of one night stands with players (Does she have a long history of going after the 1op percentile of hot guys in her city to bang them? Aside from being slutty, this shows an obsession with status and trying to prove her self worth based on social criteria of sex. This insecure behavior will return at some point and she WILL cheat on you.)

Do you remember Breaking Bad? This is what you’re going to end up with if you don’t follow this advice.

Unfortunately, in our society, some of these “qualities” are mistaken for being a “powerful woman”. I always thought the wife in “Breaking Bad” was a pretty good example of what a lot of guys eventually end up with when pursuing that “beautiful” American female. (She was, of course, a mirror of Walter White’s own gangster behaviors and materialistic indulgences. Like attracts like.)

How to End Simp Behavior Once and for All

It’s important for men to stop giving the wrong types of “beautiful” women attention. Men must begin practicing giving NO (zero, zilch) attention to ANY woman who is suspect of the low quality traits mentioned in this article.

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